Whether you like skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting or just enjoy nature through the lenses of the camera, the opportunities are many at Vatnahalsen. Here you will find easy walks as well as demanding hikes, summer and winter.

All year round activities

Vatnahalsen Hotel believes in locally sourced products and sustainable activities. We can highly recommend a visit to our co-operative partners in our neighborhood. Why not jump on the Flåm Railway and get on one of Fjordsafari’s trips through the fjord either by kayak or speedboat. Then head up to Holo farmyard for a stunning view over the fjord plus some Norwegian farm history before you get back on the train to Vatnahalsen.

Another nice daytrip-tip is to walk the 2 km from Vatnahalsen down the Myrdal hair-pin bends towards Rallarosa dairy where the goats roam freely and are more than ready for a cuddle if you are up for it. You may also sample the cheese made from the milk from the same goats you just met. From there on you can walk to Berekvam (6 km) and jump on the train to Flåm where you should stop at Ægir microbrewery and sample the local beer.


There are several fine alternatives as a hike down the Flåm valley, a stroll along the Reinunga lake, a short walk down to the Kjosfossen waterfall, a hike to one of the mountain tops, or what about a walk along the Lovers Avenue.

Seltuft 4 km – Hallingskeid 16 km – some 4 hours

An easy walk along the Rallar road. The road is along the Reinunga lake to Kaldaklov, continues to the Seltuft lake and further on to Seltuft. The walk offers a beautiful scenery, an abundant flora and some waterfalls. The walk is suitable for a family with children.

From Seltuft you can go on to Hallingskeid by ascending the Kleven gorge. The ascent is steep, but you wont regret the effort. Here you will experience a wild and beautiful scenery with waterfalls and steep mountainsides, bright colours and a rich flora. At the top of the gorge you can see the spectacular bridge on the Bergen Railway. The bridge was constructed by hand 100 years ago. The road continues along the Kleven lake and up the valley along the Grøndalen lake. Finally you reach Hallingskeid, a station on the Bergen Railway. Be aware that all the trains don`t stop here. This is a nice day trip. If you don`t like any steep hills, we recommend you to go by train to Hallingskeid and hike from there to Vatnahalsen.

Skjerbergnuten – 9 km – some 3 hours, both ways

This is a nice hike on a marked path and not too demanding. Cross the river above Kjosfossen waterfall, walk along the Reinunga lake by the chalets. The path is marked by small rock towers and goes up a steep hill. From the hill there is a magnificent view of the Reinunga lake, the Seltuft lake, the Kjosfossen waterfall, the Flåm Railway and parts of the Bergen Railway. The path continues westward along the ridge towards Skjebergnuten. Here the flora changes because we are above the tree-line. The highest point, 1164 meters above sea level is marked, and from here there is a magnificent view towards Myrdalen and Ugjersdalen valleys, down the Flåm valley and eastward towards Seltuft/Hallingskeid.

Tarven mountaintop – 16 km 7-8 hours, both ways.

A day`s hike to a mountaintop with a spectacular view. This hike requires experience with the mountainside, knowledge about map and compass and solid boots. The ascent is 995 metres. The initial part is the same as towards Skjebergnuten. After the first top, the path splits and goes northeast. The path crosses the valley by the Reinunga mountain farm. From there the path continues straight north, and it is marked with red T`s and small towers of rocks. There are some places with rounded rocks, and some brooks have to be crossed, but still the hike is of intermediate difficulty. Tarven is located 1700 metres above sea level, and on fine days you can see Rondane, Galdhøpiggen and Hårteigen on the Hardangervidda mountainplateau. We don`t recommend the hike in periods with rainfall, and it is not suitable for children.

These are only some of the options you have. For alternatives contact our reception.

For routs markt by DNT in this area, look Norwegian Trekking Association.



Snow and frozen lakes change the area in wintertime; and gives us the perfect terrain for cross-country skiing. Long or short trips, is up to you and your skiing experience. Please ask in the reception for your options.

Note that the hotel doesn’t have ski-hire at the moment.


From winter 2009 our guests has the possibility to rent snowshoes at Vatnahalsen. Snowshoe is great for deep snow, and gives you a great exercise. This is a nice alternative to skiing. If a longer snowshoe walk isn’t your thing, how about a snowshoe race or a relay race? If you have never snowshoes before, we are happy to give a short instruction.

Hunting and fishing

If you like to do some hunting or fishing, Vatnahalsen would be the perfect place. There is good hunting for grouse and hare in the area.
You can buy a licence-card to hunt in the area of Myrdal – Broksfjell Mountain at the reception. Period: 15th September – 28/29th February.

In order to hunt in Norway, one has to pass a hunter examination. Foreign hunters must document that they fulfill the requirements for hunting in their own country. Please see NJFF for more information on this.

Fishing card (with map) for the lakes in the area is sold at reception.

Ice fishing

When the ice has come to Lake Reinunga, the ice-fishers arrive, why not join them? Make a day out of it, rent some fishing gear, make a bonfire and be social with your friends? Worm clothing is a must!!

Season goes from February till mid April. (Note that this is with reserve, that the ice is safe)