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The Vatnahalsen Hotel is situated in the Aurland municipality in the Sogn and Fjordane county.

The hotel is located 820 metres above sea level and ovelooks the Flåm valley. The railway line is close by, and the station is only 50 metres away from the hotel. Vatnahalsen is a unique place because of the wild and beautiful scenery, the fresh air and because of the fact that there is no road for motorcars to the place. The only way to get here is by train, whether you come from Oslo, Bergen or from Flåm.

In the summer time you can also get here on foot or on bicycle from Haugastøl/Finse, Myrdal or Flåm.

Flåm is the nearest village some 20 km away, by the Aurlandsfjord. Here you will find a grocery store, cafès, tourist information and post- and bank offices. You will find different activities here, and public transportation can take you to other places. Aurland, the centre of the municipality, is situated 10 km away. Here are shops, cafès, doctor, dentist and police. There is also a shoe, factory, a filling station and a history center including a gallery.

Distances/duration of travel

Bergen (train)135,51t 55min.*Myrdal
Oslo (train)335,84t 45min.*Myrdal
Flåm (train)19,0735/55min.**Vatnahalsen
Myrdal (train)1,14min.Vatnahalsen
Myrdal (walk)1,620-30min.Vatnahalsen
Bergen (car)167,82t 30min.Flåm
Voss (car)66,860min.Flåm
Oslo (car)356,95t 15min.Flåm

* Duration of travel depends on type of train. ** Duration of travel differs from summer to winter.

In winter it is not possible to walk between Myrdal and Vatnahalsen. The only access to Vatnahalsen is by train.

To get to Vatnahalsen the train departs from Oslo at 12.01 and arrives at Myrdal at 16.58. The Flåm Railway departs from Myrdal at 17.55 and arrives at Vatnahalsen 5-6 minutes later.

To get to Vatnahalsen from Bergen there are several possibilities, but the last train departs Bergen at 15.58, arrives at Myrdal at 17.50, and the Flåm Railway departs at 17.55.

Otherwise see timetable at