The Rallar road was constructed around 1900, and was used for the transportation of equipment and materials for the construction of the Bergen Railway. Nowadays, the road is mostly used by bikers and has lately been declared as the finest bicycle road in Norway. The road normally opens around the 20th of July and is open to September/ October. Normally, it is possible to use parts of the road before the 20th of July.

The Rallar road goes from Haugastøl in the east towards Myrdal/Flåm. It continues from Upsete, west of Myrdal, to Voss. Whether you start from Hallingskeid or Finse you will have an unforgettable trip. You go through magnificent scenery, from winter to summer, if you are lucky, or unlucky, you will experience all kinds of weather during the trip. Remember to bring adequate clothes, especially clothes protecting you from the cold rain.

There are many fine sights on the trip, so take you time. Among other things the flora is unique, and several plants will grow only in this area. The trip starts high up in the bare mountainside, and descending towards the fjord, the flora grows richer.
In several places you can see impressing stone bridges and walls, built more than 100 years ago by hand. Along the road there are also several homes, back in time occupied by the railroad-workers. They lived here with their families all year round. You may have a stop by the Fagernut residence, 1300 metres above sea level. Here you will find a cafè and an exhibiton about the life in the residence back in time.

The part between Hallingskeid and Vatnahalsen is probably the best one. The surroundings are green and fertile, and the Kleven gorge is spectacular and wild. NB! The hillside is very steep, and there are no guard rails against the roaring Moldå river. You had better get off the bike here.

Another nive part is the Flåm valley. There is a steep descent from Vatnahalsen on 21 sepentine bends. We should get off the bike right here. After this place the slope is gentle all the way down to Flåm. Take your time, enjoy the trip and have a small chat with the goates. In the Flåm valley there are several farms with meadows here and there, so be aware of tractors and other vehicles popping up on the road.


*Between Myrdal and Upsete you have to go by train.

On the stretch between Finse and Vatnahalsen, at an adequate speed, you will need some 5-6 hours. Breaks and foto stops are then not included.

To get the best experience from you bicycle trip on the Rallar road we will give you some pieces of advice.

Finally, bring the litter with you and use the toilets at the stations and cafés, so that other people can enjoy the trip. Have a nice trip!